• 'WOMAN IN THE NOOSE...a new poem by the FAMOUS one...

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sun Apr 10 10:01:19 2022
    Nancy Pelosis is responciblle...for the stormin of the capital
    Shell neva take responcibilty..I pray shes' killed by the KGB
    KBJ is a women most vile...a blood sucka and pedrophile
    She wasnt even born in the US o A....less sender back to Zim-baba-way
    Hiller'ys emails reveel a sinsta plan...shes the murdra of Vince McMan
    Started the war in Afganstan....them Clintons is a dangroes clan
    Markus Rascins been destroyed...taken down
    By a great intlectuual...hes just a clown
    Only one good women I ever seen.....Her name is Marjorie Tayler Green

    by fAmOuS aMoS

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