• "I've Always Needed a Drug to Survive" -- JL

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    Q: At some point, right between Help and Hard Day's Night, you got into drugs and got into doing drug songs?

    A: "A Hard Day's Night," I was on pills. That's drugs, that's bigger drugs than pot. Started on pills when I was fifteen, no, since I was seventeen, since I became a musician. The only way to survive in Hamburg, to play eight hours a night, was to
    take pills. The waiters gave you them -- the pills and drink. I was a fucking drop-down drunk in art school. "Help" was where we turned on to pot and dropped drink, simple as that. I've always needed a drug to survive. The others, too, but I always
    had more, more pills, more of everything, because I'm more crazy probably."

    -- Lennon, in the 1970 Rolling Stone interview

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