• 'Sober as a Judge...a brand new poet by Famous Amos???

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 18 09:35:11 2022
    I ador the oath keepers and give Proud Boy's a Nudge
    Biden lovers are bonker's, I'm sober as a Judge
    Eager to greet John=John to Dealy Plaza I trudge
    Mainstream news's for morons, I'm sober as a judge
    Dont care much for female's I prefer packin fudge
    In the sky I see chemtrails, I'm sober as a judge
    All the dope an l.s.d. has turned my mind to sludge
    MDA and PCP I'm sober as a jude
    Election results are fudged, an thats the final straw
    Im as sober as a Jude, JUDGE KAVANAUGH!!!!

    fAmOuS aMoS

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