• Billy Shears arises again.

    From Laughing Jaw@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jul 24 16:52:50 2021
    There’s a guy on YouTube whose channel name is “Landum Goes There”. He revisits old television shows and films and mentions trivia surrounding those shows and films. I’m turned off by his voice but his stuff is always interesting enough that he
    gets my click.

    So, he just recently did a video on “A Hard Day’s Night”, the draw was “Why did John Lennon kick his father out of the studio”. Clickbait to be sure because even in the video he says it happened back at Epstein’s office.

    But what I found interesting is some trivia I never heard before. To wit: Paul McCartney was involved in a car accident during the filming and was unable to appear on set for weeks. To keep the film on schedule they had to use a body double. This body
    double only appeared in profiles and for back of the head shots. The body double’s name? William Shears!

    I was taken in enough to repeat this before I thought about checking it. I cannot find any source to verify his claims. So I went to his YouTube channel to read the comments: he has comments turned off.

    Here’s the vid:


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