• Re: Did John Lennon have Aspergers Syndrome?

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    El martes, 21 de julio de 2020 a las 20:31:30 UTC+2, Norbert K escribió:
    One of the odder things about Lennon is that he was constantly embracing charismatic figures whom Lennon assumed had "the answer" -- and then renouncing them. We saw this with Maharishi & Janov. There are multiple reports that he embraced various
    televangelists in the 70s. He is said to have gone along with Yoko's various numerologists, psychics and tarot card readers, but this may have been to accomodate Yoko.

    Then, by John and Yoko's own admission, they went to India to meet with Sai Baba at some point in the late 70s. Sai Baba was another Maharishi, one who claimed to materializa objects (figs, for example; or -- if he really wanted to impress the person --
    watches), and who publicly opposed homosexuality while privately practicing it.

    Mike Wallace once asked Yoko to tell him about John. "He was always searching!" Yoko enthused, but Wallace was unimpressed. "What was he searching for," Wallace followed up, "And what did he FIND?" Yoko didn't have coherent answers.

    Lennon seems to have been, beginning in '68 or so, enamored with people who he thought had "the answer." The problem is that Lennon didn't have a clearly-defined question.

    That and the fact that he was placing faith in crackpots.
    it is possible..im asperger...he had many tics of an asperger.

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    On Monday, November 15, 2010 at 5:03:26 PM UTC-5, TheWalrusWasDanny wrote:
    Socially closed?
    Obsessive about particular things?
    Lack of Empathy?
    Talked about himself a lot?
    Signs of genius in one particular subject?
    Avoided Eye Contact?
    Hated small talk?

    Is his wordplay and humor what one would expect from an aspie? In interviews he seems scattered and all over the map instead of fixated. And didn't he usually have one sidekick or another, meaning he did make friends?

    The guy had issuea. I don't think Aspergers wss one of them.

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