• Yoko Thwarting Jack Douglas' Plans for Double Fantasy

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    According to Albert Goldman:

    John Lennon liked to cut records fast, but he never surpassed the pace he set in August 1980. In two weeks of virtually round-the-clock effort, he laid down twenty-two tracks, almost enough material for two albums. Jack Douglas contributed a lot
    of good ideas, but many were aborted by Yoko. Thus, Jack wanted to fly with John to Japan for a week's work with the synthesizer wizard who had made Sonic Seasonings, an album that had fascinated Lennon. Yoko vetoed the plan because she feared the
    Japanese musician would try to cut into the act. Jack also brought into the studio two key men from the highly successful Beatle-oriented band Cheap Trick, a group he had discovered and recorded. The guitarist Rick Nielson and the drummer Ben E. Carlos
    jammed with Tony Levin on bass and George Small on keys in a memorable session that realized beyond anything Lennon had imagined the potential of his last good song, "I'm Losing You." Yet, when the musicians returned the following day, Yoko turned them
    away, insisting that they were out to try to exploit John. But Douglas preserved the remarkable mood of their playing by running the jam through the headphones of the musicians who actually cut the track.

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