• Drummer Andy Newmark on Working With John

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 8 05:16:15 2022
    According to Andy Newmark, John's "idea of making a record was: 'Look, here's a song. It's real simple. You guys know how to play your instruments. Forget about the frills. Just accompany me.' You knew that in twenty minutes he was going to start
    taking the thing, and in an hour, he wanted it done. It changed your whole approach to the recording because you knew you didn't have three hours to fuss around...It made you go for a gut performance. If he had to sing it more than five or six times,
    he'd get fed up and say, 'Right. Forget it. That's enough. We'll do it another time. Let's try a new one.'"

    -- Newmark, quoted by Albert Goldman

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