• "There Are No Dead Kennedys" a poem by the masturfle Famous Amos

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Mon Mar 7 09:09:26 2022
    JFK Joonya's comin outta hideing
    Heads to Dealy Plaza where my fine pals are thronging

    RFK been spotted and he comin back to
    If you doubt me I can simply say "FUCK YOU"!!

    JFK Seenya quite proud of his young ones
    Waiting til the time is right come out, have some fun
    Mebbe like the good ole days he'll hook with Marilyn
    She of been hidin out to to perserve her soff skin

    Ted Kennedys eaga to meet us fine folks
    He been up at Chipquadick, doin backstrokes

    Still in surch of Mary Joe into the pond he jump
    All the Kennedy's been waitin to join up with Trump

    Jellow Bee-Afra has told a nasty lye
    Their aint no Dead Kennedy's cuz Kendys NEVA DIE!!!

    fAmOuS aMoS

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