• 'State of the World, a new poem by Famous Amos...

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 5 10:39:54 2022
    My mental processes are perfecly clear
    Every day, Trumps reinstallment grow's more near

    Any day now Joe Biden will resine
    Librals and Leftists will whine
    They cant touch Donald cause hes Devine

    I thump my chest like the monkey King Kong
    Q's perdiction's have never been wrong
    Camilla Harris is a dude with a big dong

    Mornin tils midnite I'm baked on refer
    What do I call Putin?? He the PEACEKEEPER!

    JFK Joonya is a live and well
    He'll be Trump's veepeep its easy to tell
    Sexual preddator's will soon face Hell
    Lets get togetha an wish Gillane Maxwell well!!

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