• Harold Seider on John & Yoko's Use of the Media

    From Norbert K@21:1/5 to All on Sat Mar 5 04:58:32 2022
    Harold Seider was an attorney and friend to John and Yoko throughout the 70s. Seider generously allowed John and May Pang to borrow his Hollywood apartment when John and Yoko were separated in the 70s.

    Seider is also a wonderfully no-nonsense character. This is what he says about John and Yoko's interviews following John's return to the Dakota in 1975: "He [John] was under an obligation to perpetuate the myth. Given the fact of Yoko's domination,
    there was no way he could say, 'Hey, she wanted to get laid, I wanted to get laid, she wanted a divorce. He had spent his whole marriage making her the martyred person. Unless he was prepared to break with Yoko, he could not tell the truth."

    Asked by Albert Goldman if Lennon experienced guilt at misleading interviewers, Seider replied: "He couldn't give a shit because to a certain extent he had contempt for the media because they bought all the crap. He was there to manipulate the media.
    You got to give him credit for that, and you got to give her credit. They would use the media."

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