• Missing shows from the All Starr Band Of Ringo

    From Victor Baissait@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jul 21 04:27:18 2021
    Hi !
    I run a database about the All Starr Band and I'm looking to complete it with the missing shows, most of them are not known to be available, but I have hope that some people will have things that are never shared. I was contacted by people who happened
    to have never shared audio and some new audios also appeared on the web. So I have hope :)

    Here is the list of what is missing http://www.victorbaissait.fr/RingoStarrAndHisAllStarrBand/Missing/missing.php

    As I said in the link, "If you have alternative sources of the show, I'm also willing to have them, even it's an incomplete source and/or poor quality"

    Thanks !

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