• Proud to be Me, a new poem by Famous Amos!!!

    From Famous Amos@21:1/5 to All on Thu Mar 3 10:19:13 2022
    Pothead on piano and a doper on the drums
    When it come's to bass I'm the Teddy Williams
    When it come's to science I got boundless wisdom
    Earths at the centre of the solla system

    I'm puffin up my chest and pumpin my fist
    If you ain't rootin for Putin I'll call ya Communist!

    My music leaves my stoner buds mesmrized
    This poems gonna win me the poohlitser prize
    Your intimidatted I can sence it in your eyes
    Go head and read them books you'll never gettin wize

    My bud's and I are headin down to Dealy Plaza
    Soon we'll be hanging out with JFK Joonya

    fAmOuS aMoS

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