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    On Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 7:22:04 PM UTC-5, terra wrote:
    Stoned again...of course! And thinking about mebbe putting on some
    Beatles. Sound good? Thought so! So what'll it be tonight...one of
    the usual suspects Rubber Soul or Revolver? Naw. Tonights gonna be
    different. I'm goin out on a limb limb this time. You comin with me?
    How about Sgt. Peppers? Glad you agree! Lets go!
    First off is the sound of people. Lots of people. Laughing,
    talking...havin fun! (I would hope so! They're about to hear the
    Beatles!) And it cheers me up. It ain't often there's people around
    me...and when they are they prolly ain't having much fun...:( Anyways
    then the music kicks in. Wow...sounds nice. That's some mean lead
    guitar. As one would expect nothing less from George friggin Harrison
    one of the pre eminent lead guitarists known to rock n roll. First its
    Paul singing then hold on, here come those wonderful Beatle harmonies.
    Paul and George and John! I'm in heaven. Could it possibly get any
    better than this?
    Why yes. Because Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is followed by
    With a Little Help from my Friends. And nothing brings a smile to my
    face like the sound of Ringo's voice. I wish he sang lead more often!
    :) Well mebbe not he had some stiff competition from John and
    Paul...not to mention George (more on him later!)...Its been "rumored"
    over the years that "help" from my friends is a code word for...you
    guessed it...marihuana! So I do believe Ill light up!
    Ahhhhh...nice an baked now. But Im feelin a bit sad too. Im almost at
    the bottom of my stash. Also the Beatles sing about "help from my friends"...and my pot didnt come from friends. It came from my
    dealer...who doesnt particularly like me if you must know. Always
    complaisn when I ask him to fron t me a few oounces. Come to think of
    it I really dont have any friends. Thank God for Beatles eh?
    Next up, one of my all time faves, Lucy in the Sky. This is John at
    his best. Nuff said. Theres a magic to his words that is more than poetic...its a glimpse into the mind of a genius, John Lennon. Now its
    always heard to "know" what John means...But ITs been "rumored" Lucy in
    the Sky "stands for" LSD. Some certainly feel so and the images John
    creates may remind some of the delights of tripping...cellophane flowers...rockinghorse people...and of course my favorite marshmallow
    pies. When I was a youngster lemme tell you I begged my mom to whip me
    up marsmallow pies and take me to grammas so I could eat them on her
    rocking chair. Anyways John says no its not about acid and that's
    enough for me. End of friggin story. That said, I could go for some
    nice acid, it would make experience that much nicer. That said, its
    fine as it is! Its the Beatles innit? Prolly my fave moment of this
    song is Ringo's drum fill before the chorus. Howd the heck did he do
    it? It sounds damn near impossible...and Im sure drummers of the
    future will still be woodshed there lives away trying to learn Ringo's
    wild licks.
    Now here comes Getting Better. Nice optimistic message. Nice contrast
    between Pauls sunny deposition and John's more "sarcastic" side if you
    will. This was before Yoko was there to cheer him up. Again superb
    playing from Ringo and George. Prolly songs like this prolly had the
    beatles "competition" (if there was such a thing, ya just cant compete
    with the Beatles) Cream, Hendrix, the Who, ect., shaking in their
    boots. Pop rock folk jazz psychedelic funk...the Beatles could do it
    all. And they did.
    Next up, She's Leaving Home. Nice change of pace. Nice slow tune with
    cellos and stuff. Some rockbands would shy away from such orchestrial trappings but this lemme remind you is no ordinary rock band, its the Beatles. Now its also Quite a sad song about a woman who leaves her
    parents, dont know why she did it, mebbe chasing after some man. Now
    you might now be surprised to hear it b ut there was a time when a
    woman would leave her parents home for me...at least for a few minutes!
    :) These days the only home a woman would leave for me is a shelter.
    Not that theres anything wrong with that. Guess we'll never know...but
    the song's a real tear jerker. Some will say Paul is all sunny and
    good cheer but make no mistake her could write a sad one when he felt
    like it. And he did. All I can say is I hope the woman went back home
    to visit the old folkes one and a while. They sound like they really
    miss her!
    On comes Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite. One of John's songs...which
    says all you need to know. Pure genius. Some say it reminds them of
    being at a circus...and who doesnt remember sitting there laughing at
    the clowns eating cotton candy as a kid...or as a 50 year old for that matter! :) Now some will say this song also is mebbe in some way about
    drugs. Ever heard the expression "high as a kite?" Which is zactly
    what I am at this moment.
    Next up is Within You Without You. This one's by George so as youd
    imagine its deep dark and mysterious...much like India itself. A very spiritual place. Anyways the song is within you (your soul) and
    without you (your body). Some people just concentrate on the body.
    They see a fat unemployed lazy person and think he's...well a fat lazy unemployed person. But thats just the body. George says look at the
    soul. My body may be fat and lazy but my soul is posting to rec.music.beatleS!
    Then Paul pops back in to brighten the mood with a cute liTtle ditty
    When Im Sixty Four. Ya know its a kinda scary thought...Paul almost IS 64...and I aint to far behind. Wish I had someone to need me and feed
    me at 53! :)
    Next up is another Paul song Lovely Rita. Song's almost As lovely as
    Rita is! Could use some nice John touches here and there tho...might
    give it more of an edge. But its Paul and its Beatles and its good
    enuff fer me! :)
    Now comes John with Good Morning Good Morning. Wow. Genius. Folks I
    ask. How did the Beatles do it? I dont know, no one ever will, but
    having John is a big part of it! :) The world will never know. The
    song is pure genius from beginning to end. Some will find it quite
    eerie that the song starts with "nothing to do to save his life call
    the wife in..." Cuz they couldnt save Johns life either and Im sure
    they called Yoko in. Afterwards she saw him in the sky. Anyways maybe
    John saw the future what would happen. Whos to say he couldnt. Also
    This song as a real cool fadeout with Paul singing "Good morning good
    morning ga"....and it gets quieter....then a chicken cries! And on
    Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (repise). Nice. Paul says "one
    two three four"...Id rather hear Ringo say it. Hes the drummer after
    all. Some may accuse Paul of showboating...but its still a nice repise.

    You prolly thot the album was over. But you were wrong. Next up is
    Day in the Life a number on everyones short list. Some nice piano
    playing (prolly John) wonderful guitar (George) and earth shaking
    drumming (Ringo of course :)...Then in comes Johns voice sounding quite eerie. Singing of events that may have happened or may not...it doesnt
    matter what matters is the music. Some feel its Johns voice that makes
    the song...others feel its Ringos drumming. I feel its both of them.
    John and Ringo. Geniuses. And Paul and George aint zactly sloutches
    Next up: Magical Mystery Tour! Thanks for reading!

    Stoned you say? I believe it.

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