• Cynthia's Meeting With Sam Havadtoy

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    This passage from Cynthia Lennon's book John concerns her meeting with Ono to discuss the planned tribute concert for Lennon:

    Jim [Christie] and I were shown into the [Dakota's] kitchen -- Jim hadn't removed his shoes or allowed me to. It was large, light, and airy, with light wood units and a central island. To one side was a low table with cushioned benches along both
    sides and this is where we sat. I was a little startled to see a plastic replica of the gun that had shot John sitting on a shelf nearby.

    With Yoko, when she came in, was the man who had been her partner since a few months after John's death, Hungarian designer Sam Havadtoy. Although she had declared that she would never marry again, rumors persisted that she and Sam had married in
    secret in Hungary. I had no problem with their relationship, whether they were married or not. Why shouldn't Yoko move on and have another man in her life? Sam seemed pleasant and I hoped he might encourage her to join me [in the Bernstein tribute to

    [End of excerpt.]

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