• Cynthia Encounters the Yokoized John

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    A bit of background: This is from the time when John decided to cast his lot with Yoko. John had sent the message, through "Magic" Alex, that he was going to divorce Cynthia. Attempting to arrange a meeting with John so that the separation could be
    worked out amicably, Cynthia met with Peter Brown, finding him "apologetic and embarrassed." Brown stated: "I'm sorry, Cynthia. This shouldn't be happening." Finally, Lennon agreed to meet Cynthia at Kenwood. Cynthia recalled:

    "When we walked in, I barely recognized John. It had been only a few weeks since we'd last met, but he was thinner, almost gaunt. His face was deadly serious. There was no hint of a smile, even when Julian ran up to him. He was, quite simply,
    not the John I knew. It was as if he'd taken on a different persona. He was sitting on the footstool. Yoko was beside him in the armchair, shrouded by her hair, her face set in an expressionless mask, the fingers of one hand poking at the nails of the
    other. God, why couldn't he have chosen someone easier, someone I could relate to? What power did she have over him? The thought of her looking after my son was ghastly. Did she feel any remorse or embarrassment? It seemed not."

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