• Re: A Teenage Groupie and the Former Beatles in the 70s

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    A source tells me Headley lives (or lived for a significant stretch) in Tujunga, California.
    It would great if a journalist can track Headley down and substantiate her claims.
    Or if we can find an account from Headley that is verifiable/falsifiable.

    if her -looks like a man

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    That website erroneously said she died in 2014 based on an obituary of someone with the name but the picture in the obituary obviously isn't her and the deceased woman had a different birthdate and life story. The Verge article from three days ago
    confirms that Susan Headley is alive and well.


    "She claims to be one of only three women to have slept with all four Beatles, securing the trickiest, Paul McCartney, through an elaborate pretext that involved having his wife Linda whisked away in a limo for a staged photoshoot. When she was still
    underage, she hitch-hiked to Vegas with Johnny Thunders (no relation) from the New York Dolls. In a 1979 tabloid tell-all, she’s pictured with Andy Gibb, Donny Osmond, and Ringo Starr. Once, tearing down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible
    Mercedes, “flying on coke” with Mick Ralphs, the guitarist for Bad Company, she decided she must be immortal — a theory she’d test with enough overdoses that she considers herself lucky to be alive today."

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