• The Two Women Who Raised John

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    This is from Cynthia Lennon's book John:

    John adored his mother. Her high spirits and love of life were so different from Mimi's strictness and rigidity. Julia believed in enjoying herself, while Mimi thought her frivolous and self-indulgent. To Mimi, life was about hard work and self-
    restraint, and she constantly berated John for not working hard enough at school.

    John grew up bouncing between these two very different women: Mimi, the firm "mother," and Julia, the more playful "aunt." With Mimi he was expected to be neatly groomed, dutiful and obedient. With Julia, he could laugh, play, and fool around.
    Julia encouraged him in his music. Mimi wouldn't allow him to play the guitar in the house and insisted he practice in the glass-walled front porch. John's sister Julia told me much later that as a little girl she would lie in bed and listen to John
    and their mother chatting, playing music, and dancing while [Julia's male friend] Bobby was working the evening shift at the hotel.

    [End of excerpt.]

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