• Spinozza's Challenge to Ono

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    During the so-called "Lost Weekend," Yoko and May Pang had a mutual friend in Arlene Reckson. Yoko took Arlene on as a sort of personal assistant, having her shop and deliver gifts to guitarist David Spinozza, whom Ono had fallen in love with.
    According to May:

    "Yoko never mentioned my relationship with John to Arlene. She told Arlene that she could get John back at any time but that she didn't want him. She explained that when she married John, she expected to have a quiet, rich, easy life and to devote
    herself to doing her work, but that John had grown difficult to live with. She also felt that she had become sufficiently famous in her own right and did not want to share her fame with John anymore. John stood in the way of her career, and she was
    determined to continue on her own."

    "When Yoko told Spinozza that John was in her way, that she was the real songwriter in the family anyway, Spinozza asked her, if she was the real songwriter, why she put John's picture on every album she made. He suggested that she move out of the
    Dakota, refuse to take any more of John's money, and record an album on her own with no support at all from John. That, he explained would enable her to find her own public and prove herself on her own terms. Yoko accused him of not being creative."

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