• Bosphorus "The Hammer" Jeff Hamilton Ride

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    On Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Nys49487yh wrote:
    yeah why is it that istanbul dosent seem to hammer the bells very much on their
    cymbals? I have a few rides and crashes and their bells are hammered very faintly or not at all.

    Whats the logic behind not hammering the bells? there must be some explanation.

    Any istanbul reps in here?


    I just recently picked up another 22" Traditional ride that is 300gm lighter than the previous ride weighing in at a beefy 2640gm for a thin cymbal purchased around 7 years ago. The older cymbal has a pretty hammered out bell. The perimeter of the cymbal
    has a great deal of hammering detail as well. Beautiful!
    My newer 22" does not, but I am liking the fuller rounder bell sound that sometimes is a little lacking...by comparison. Cant post pictures but will sen upon request.

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