• Master Percussionist/Drummer Luis Peralta relocates to New York

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    Master Percussionist/Drummer Luis Peralta relocates to New York.

    Was wondering if you know where Luis can be reached now? The number is no longer connected.

    My good friend Luis Peralta has relocated to New York from the West
    Coast and is looking for serious recording or live gigs.

    If you're not familiar with his work, he has played with such luminaries
    as Dizzy Gillespie, Lalo Schifrin, Blossom Dearie and others.

    He is an incredible drummer in a South American style. Originally
    from Argentina, he has lived in the US for many years but still has an incredibly unique drumming style drawing on all those complicated Latin Rhythms.

    As a percussionist, he is insanely great on the Waterphone, Udu's,
    congas, etc. etc. His collection of instruments is immense and talent
    on each of them to match. He plays an incredible Quica also.

    I am posting this for him because he is a good friend whom I've had the pleasure of recording on many occasions and I want to help him out in
    his relocation. He is truly an amazing and unique talent.

    Call him if you want more info:

    Luis Peralta (201) 239-1053.

    Hi Jr. Just wondering if you could tell Luis I'd love to reconnect. Tell him back in the day, the Walter Wanderly Trio on Sunset. And cooked lentils. D

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