• Doug Gore

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    On Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 8:47:24 AM UTC-5, veradem...@gmail.com wrote:
    Op maandag 3 maart 2003 20:08:18 UTC+1 schreef Rjagain62:
    Played with Lou Rawls & Chuck Magione also house drummer at Baked Potatoe in LA
    in the 80's.

    Anybody know where he is?
    Seattle maybe ?
    I'd like to say Hi. Heck it's only been 18 years......

    Hi, I've been Dougs girlfriend for a while..way back then..when he played with Lou Rawls. I've been looking for him every now and then, never found him...want to say Hi too! Heck this was...30+ years ago!
    Hope you have found him...if you did..let me know!...

    No I never found him. Didn't see your post for 10 years,,,,,

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