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    Hello everyone, I'm sorry and apologize to intrude on you like this. Drumsmith.com got hit again and by the same exact kid. Yes, I do have a backup about two weeks old. I refuse to run the current portal software, there are too many security holes in it. The first time, 600+ users got wiped. Now, every last one of use got deleted. I could not find any
    message bases either. What's worse and making me sick is AJKComputing.com
    is dead and toast. 4 web sites there got demolished. He then did something to the kernel somehow and the machine would not reboot. This also affects
    my families personal and business E-Mail as well as other web sites I maintain and build. I called Cablevision again, the deadbeat's ISP. They won't do anything. Guess if I'm not IBM or AOL I don't stand a chance. Drumsmith.com WILL go on. Please bear with me as I upgrade and bullet proof
    the main operating system and supporting apps. Let all your friends know
    so they can spread the word the DS is only down and not out. I'll E-Mail as
    soon as the system is running and safe again. Sincerely, Andrew Knifel ajk@ajkcomputing.com ajk@drumsmith.com http://www.drumsmith.com Where
    the WORLD thinks drums!!!

    I have a Beni 5x13 Black Russian snare dated 2005 that I want to sell. I can't find any information on what a fair price is. Do you have any ideas?

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