• Do not miss Bill Carmody's drum solo

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    Drummer Billy Carmody...another undiscovered talent.

    This drum solo does not show Bill's uncanny timing, enhancement of the essence, rythmn metronome solid,

    Bill has his own band too, ..Stagefright in Las Vegas...


    I post this because as an aging audiophile, I discovered this young
    man playing in a Las Vegas casino, and I had tears in my eyes he was
    so good. He did no solo that night, even 'tho I requested it. I could
    tell he did not want to take attention away from the other band

    I want to see this boy move up, get huge acclimation and exposure,
    like a good artist deserves.

    I would rather listen to Bill than Max Weinberg, any day. I rank him
    up there with Brady Blade.

    This guy is a good friend from college, who has been an incredible percussionist for years. I first met him at Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois. He is from Waukegan, Illinois and introduced me to Miller Light at that time. He also is an incredible
    swimmer and former lifeguard in the Miami, Florida area. I first met him, though, when he was having some fun playing the introduction to Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher' back in 1989. Bill has always been a great stage performer and great guy to hang
    with; he got my respect from day 1. Bill got his degree in percussion at the University of Miami and is in my opinion as good as Neil Peart of Rush fame if not better.

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