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    what are the basic differences between the Sabian AA and AAX lines? mostly interested in the crashes. they are both the same price so I was wondering how
    the two were different. -------------------------------------------------------------------

    Funny you should ask. I asked Sabian the same question, and here's the response I received:

    What is the difference between AA and AAX?
    Normally a crash cymbal has to be hit with a certain amount of intensity
    in order for it to react the way it is supposed to. For instance if you
    very lightly hit a n AA Thin crash, it is not going to open up like it
    should until you hit it somewhat harder. Also, there is a point at
    which the crash sound becomes bad sounding because it is being over
    played. Because of the special hammering technology used in the AAX
    series, these cymbals react fully at low volumes, but also equally as
    well with harder playing. The crash gets louder as the intensity
    increases, but the quality of the crash sound is not adversely
    affected. This is what is known as the Auto Focus Response. The best
    way to demonstrate this is to take an AAX Studio Crash and an AA Thin.
    Hit the AAX very lightly. The crash, although very low in volume, does
    fully crash. In the case of the AA Thin, if you hit it very lightly,
    the crash does not open up, until hit with normal intensity. Then crash
    the Studio with repeated increasing intensity and notice how only the
    volume increases without the crash sound changing. The AAX are great
    for the player who needs crashes that react fully at any volume.

    Thanks to Peter Stairs at Sabian.

    Glenn Dowdy

    Finally someone did their homework! I have heard every answer this side of the sun but this one is the correct one! Thanks

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