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    Indeed. Thanks.
    But most cymbals have a stamp of the manufacturer. That's more of what I was asking about. I'm glad to know if a Zildjian is a Scimitar or a ZBT (so I
    can run screaming), so in that respect the labeling has become kind of necessary, but you can tell those cymbals without the model printed on them. It's the permanent stamp I'm concerned with - I'm surprised a company like Zildjian would send a cymbal out without one, even if it is meant for a retailer to "rebrand". Know what I mean?
    - Drumoon
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    I don't know that the cymbals Z made for Manny's were even "seconds". I
    seen and played two previously and they were as good as anything else I've heard from Z. The pitch to consumers would have been "this is a cymbal
    Zildjian makes exclusively for Manny's", not "This is a crappy cymbal that
    bought for cheap dollars". That was also at a time where they made a
    cymbal and
    it was not labeled "light", "heavy", "dark", or even "ride", "crash" etc.
    was just a cymbal and it was up to the drummer, not the company how it
    would be
    used (What a concept!). The companies didn't catch on to the idea of
    them with a description/model name until after Bill Crowden in Chicago had great success doing it himself with a rubber stamp in the back room of his shop.

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    Vintage Zildjian's were all made the same way with the same recipe. Stamped or not, they were the same. When the Zildjian brothers split up one went and started Sabian. Part of the deal When he left was that he got half the Zildjian inventory. So the
    first Sabians had Zildjian stamps.

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