• Tama Superstar Colors? Help?

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    On Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 4:06:36 PM UTC-4, chetatkinsdiet wrote:
    Thanks for the link on the Superstar group. I just found out the
    Cherry wine is the redish drums that you can still see grain through.
    The red finish that isn't translucent, but more metallic looking is
    Candy Apple Red. Man, my kit is a total hodgepodge. I bought it
    years ago and didn't really care about a matching kit. I just bought
    the sizes that I was looking for. Now, I'd like to convert all the
    kit to the same color by finding the drums I need, then selling the
    other when I get the proper replacement. So, I think I just purchased
    an 18" floor tom in CAR, when I really needed CW. But, I'm going to
    have to get out to my studio to check out all the drums again. I know
    I have a 13" & 14" tom in Super Mahagony and also an 18" floor tom
    that I'd like to sell/trade for I think a Cherry Wine. But, who
    knows, maybe I have some CAR toms mixed in there too. Let me check
    first. If any of you out there has some of the CW Superstars that
    they'd like to swap out for some of these SM or possibly the CAR 18,
    lemme know.

    Cherry Wine Red is a lacquer coating and Candy apple red is a wrap. The Candy Apple Red is the wrap that Neil Peart used.

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