• Open Letter To Jeff Berlin

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    Hi Skip. I only found out yesterday about Victor's open letter to me. I'll write a response next week and title it "An Open Answer to Victor Wooten".

    Meanwhile, thank you for writing to me to ask your question about my opinion about slap,

    I have no negative opinions about slap whatsoever and (as the post therapy Jeff :) I never said anything negative about a playing style that so many players seem to love.

    However, I do feel that the academic teaching of slap is both a musical and a financial error to invest either time or money to learn.

    If you notice the history of all slappers, 100% of them are all self taught in the approach. Victor as well. Teaching a playing approach by a teacher that even the teachers learned on their own via time and practice is a poor decisiin in my opinion. Not
    everything requires academic teaching. Only musical conten does. In fact, teaching styles and techniques interferes with the vastly more effective self taught approach where experimentatiin and trial and error are THE fundamental requirements in
    developing a unique approach to bass playing, slap being among them.

    I have a lot more to share about this, but for now, I hope that this was a satisfactory answer for you. To end, please remember my little mantra: Learning is different than playing. Cheers from Jeff

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