• ibanez SR06 1991 bass wiring diagram

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    Il giorno venerdì 16 gennaio 2015 02:48:33 UTC+1, meta...@gmail.com ha scritto:
    I'm Jorge from Spain.
    I have the same bass (i love it!!), and it have de same problem. I put a Delano Sonar 3 preamp on it but the output signal didn't change.

    I was thinking about changing the pickups but the holes are to narrow and long and i don't know whitch pickups can fit on it.

    El sábado, 28 de junio de 2014, 12:40:55 (UTC+2), stefano bonvicini escribió:
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Stefano from Italy and I've recently bought an old

    Ibanez SR06 bass. It's a 1991 bass (my youth dream :), but the

    output signal is very low and I'm searching for its wiring diagram

    to help me in solving this problem.

    Is there anyone that can help me ?



    Thank you Jorge for your answer,

    I'm sorry I,ve seen it only now :)

    I love this bass too...I was impressed by it in the 90's
    and finally I've found one.
    I've resolved bass signal problem, an engineer changed a piece
    in the preamp section rising the output.
    Now I'm trying to lower the bass action...tell me it is possible
    to adjust the single string high in the bridge or it moves as a unique block?


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