• Read the FCC complaints about that racist nigger whore Beyonce's Super

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    This black racist whore needs some public attention focused on
    her sponsors.


    Ticket: # 799387 - Super Bowl Beyonce Performance
    2/9/2016 12:00:25 AM
    Marco Island, Florida 34145
    This anti police, anti American, pro Black Panther display at a
    FAMILY TV SPORTS EVENT was totally disgusting and inappropriate!!

    Ticket: # 797040 - Super Bowl 50
    2/7/2016 9:01:28 PM
    Mount Carmel, Tennessee 37645
    The game is way lower than the commercials. This is illegal
    according to the CALM act. Right? It really is all the
    commercials. You forced me to name a sponsor below, but the
    problem is they are running the game lower than other
    programming therefore achieving the same effect.

    Ticket: # 799646 - Super Bowl Halftime Show
    2/9/2016 9:05:08 AM
    Marco Island, Florida 34145
    I feel that it was entirely inappropriate for an All Black Lives
    Matter preformance to be aired. This was not something that I
    appreciated nor did I want my grandchildren to see it. It was
    rehearsed, you knew ahead of time that it was an extremely
    racist message and you still aired it. Shame on you. All this is
    doing is stirring up more trouble and tension. Give it a break.
    Provide your own armed escorts to and from the game for your so
    called performers. Police lives matter and they have better
    things to do than to babysit a spoiled diva.

    Ticket: # 799723 - Super Bowl halftime/Beyonce Knowles
    2/9/2016 9:54:22 AM
    Tallahassee, Florida 32317
    I am disappointed that such a performance would be aired. Janet
    Jackson was reprimanded for her pastey. That was a personal
    "statement" in regards to how she "sees" herself. Beyonce made a
    militia type statement, with faux ammo and the imagty of a
    violent group. I find her inference scary, not at all
    entertaining. The police us looking to secure the spectators
    from terrorists and are insulted by Beyoncé making a performance
    statement about Black Lives Matter. ALL LIVES MATTER! Will she
    accept accountability if someone's death is a result of her
    dance? The Super Bowl halftime show is not a stage for her to
    politicize her interpretation of - hands up, don't shoot. That's
    extremely selfish. There seems to have been no forethought about
    consequences. Entertain when it's time to do so. Express your
    opinion where and when appropriate. The Super Bowl was not a
    venue for her to act out. Had I attended, I would demand a
    refund for the purchase if my ticket. I strongly believe she
    should apologize for THAT performance. As a person, I would
    strive to bring lives together. Display strength in a listening
    and caring manner. Exemplify patience and togetherness.
    Diversity should endorse differences, not aggravate differences.

    Ticket: # 799802 - Super bowl Half Time Show
    2/9/2016 10:32:50 AM
    Dover, Pennsylvania 17315
    Company Complaining About:
    The Super Bowl half time show is supposed to be free of
    political propaganda. However after watching the super bowl half
    time show I am disgusted that Beyonces performance was allowed
    to be aired since it highlighted the Black Lives Matter
    movement, anti police and Black Panthers cause. These performers
    are supposed to be neutral and instead Beyonces performance
    ignited more hatred for the police and racism against non
    African Americans. If Janet Jackson can get in trouble for a
    wardrobe malfunction then the actions of Beyoncé should receive
    a far harsher punishment including being banned from ever
    performing in a Super Bowl halftime show again.

    Ticket: # 799452 - Super bowl Half Time Show
    2/9/2016 5:55:49 AM
    Seminole, Florida 33777
    Beyonce ' s performance was disrespectful and inciting violence
    against whites and police.

    Ticket: # 799480 - Super Bowl halftime show with Beyonce
    2/9/2016 8:07:41 AM
    Grovetown, Georgia 30813
    This garbage does not have a place on national TV . She can
    disparage America's police on her own time. Disgraceful !

    Ticket: # 805414 - Beyonce's horrific performance during Super
    Bowl halftime.
    2/11/2016 2:42:38 PM
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222
    I was appalled at the performance of Beyoncé and her dancers
    during the halftime entertainment. This was not entertaining at
    all. It was racially charged and they insulted our police
    officers that put their lives on the line everyday. She
    proceeded with this awful show, after she had the gall to demand
    a police escort to the event. These are the kinds of
    demonstrations that create hate and racial divide amongst our
    people. The NFL and Beyoncé and any others involved in allowing
    this performance should be held accountable and need to
    apologize to the American people and police officers that they
    were allowed to offend.

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