• A Dissent On "Caroline Now!"

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    On Friday, August 18, 2000 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, fabfour wrote:

    I've heard the hype for this one out the wazoo, and it's starting to wear on >me a little. Frankly, this album just isn't all that appealing.

    I decided to do a little "try before I buy" and downloaded the album's "Heroes and Villains." what a *total* pile of s**t. No clever instrumentation, no harmonies ot speak of, and even the actual melody
    has been kinda dumbed-down. I will not be buying this album.

    This cd is pretty terrible! Just found a copy in the basement someone burned me about 17 years ago. Listened to it once then & now I know why! Makes one appreciate the Beach Boys' versions even more! Most of the vocalists on it cannot carry a tune.
    The only good song on it is the High Llamas version of "Anna Lee, The Healer".

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