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    On Sunday, November 7, 2004 at 1:36:46 PM UTC-8, Rich88 wrote:
    A friend of mine has asked for my help in determining the title of a
    song he recalls singing in the early 50's in a college quartet. He
    vaguely remembers posible titles and remembers some of the lyrics,
    which are printed below. If you know the title of this song, or any
    other information about it, your reply would be appreciated.

    Richard Huggins


    Some of the lyrics:

    Old Joe, please stay,
    Go on and play
    Play it Mr. Manny won't you play it again
    Play it Mr. Manny won't you play it again

    [more words -]

    Bum, bum, bum, bum,
    come honey let's go down
    To honky-tonky town,
    It's underneath the ground
    Where all the fun is found

    There'll be singing waiters,
    Singing synchopaters,
    Dancing to piano played by Mr. Brown

    He plays piano queer,
    He always plays by ear,
    The music that you hear,
    Just makes you stay a year.

    Even starts a monkey
    Dancing with a donkey.
    Down in honky-tonky town.

    Do my eyes deceive me
    or am I going mad.

    I remember Honky "Tonk Town" being the first barbershop song I ever sang. That was most likely in the early 1960's as I graduated high school in 1963. As I seem to recollect, it was in a small book of maybe 10-12 songs.

    If anyone has the book, or any sheet music of this song, I would be most appreciative of getting my hands on a copy.

    I'm pretty sure it was Honky Tonk, not Honky-Tonky.

    This is a relatively simple song with a great bass part which I still enjoy singing today. It would be fun to get all four parts together.


    Alan @ahglas@gmail.com

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