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    I recently bought the LP "Presenting Penny Ambrose in her Recording
    Debut", Golden Crest CR8000, in which the 14 or 15 year old Penny plays Tartini's Devil's Trill sonata, a Paganini Caprice (#13) and a few other pieces. I learned that Penny Ambrose died on Sept. 10, 1963 of carbon monoxide poisoning in Coventry, CT. This is from a NY Times article dated Sept. 12. There is no mention of how many records she made, but the
    article mentions that in the Nov. 1962 Wieniawski Violin Competition she
    tied for 5th place. In 1962 she was also offered a 1-yr scholarship to
    study in Moscow with David Oistrakh, but evidently turned it down. The picture accompanying the article shows an unsmiling young woman which is quite a contrast to the pinafore-clad young Penny on the record jacket.
    She seems to have been a major talent, but probably not the best of her generation. Still very sad. If anyone out there has any information
    about her career or her dicography I would appreciate hearing about it.
    Many thanks.

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