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    On Monday, January 31, 2000 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Mike Flanery wrote:
    If your looking for a bow, I should pass on what's happening to us. My 4 sons are all accomplished stringed instrument musicians (violin at NCSA. Acoustic Bass at Vanderbilt with Edgar Myers, etc) #3 is a Cellist at U of Memphis (subs with Memphis and Arkansas Symphonies). In Sept he requested for trial 3 bows from Shar, and a $1,750 bow from Berg. None of the bows were matched his cello, so after several weeks he returned them all. At Shar, no problem. But Berg Bows has refused to return his money, and sent the bow back!!!.
    NO WHERE have we found a trial period of 7 days for a musical instrument (it takes that long in the mail!) It's not in any signed contract. My son didn't buy through the web, but nevertheless they make up a story that the 7 day return policy is on the web page: while obviously not a binding document, in fact the web page was under construction! (which is admitted by them).
    My son, wife, and I have left many messages including e-mail requesting to talk to the owner, none have been answered. The only person you can speak
    to is the receptionist/ accountant/ etc "Yvonne" who says bluntly they have
    a very firm 7 day policy, after which you've bought it! And they won't take it back!
    Hopefully with this some unsuspecting buyer has been forewarned. There
    are lots of places selling bows, and service / integrity are the norm with everyone we've been associated with -- until now.
    We are of course taking other legal action, but to me this is just plain unethical. If you've had similar experiences with Berg Bows let me know, perhaps we can combine our efforts.

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