• FS: Cello, Peter Staszel, 1996

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    On Sunday, September 19, 2004 at 3:42:32 PM UTC-7, JBLazar wrote:
    I am helping someone sell her cello.

    From the shop of William Harris Lee & Co., Chicago. Purchased in December 1996
    from Reuning & Son Violins in Boston for $10,500. Made from mature American Maple and Spruce tone wood. Has been kept in excellent playing condition. Amazing, warm tone. One very minor scrape on side (see picture 8 ) caused by a
    carpet; easily touched up. Includes used fiberglass flight case. Asking price: $12,000.

    She also has a cello bow for sale:

    Cello bow, Carlo Vettori. Purchased in Florence from the maker in December 1999. In excellent condition with new hair. This bow is on the heavier side, but has excellent flexibility in the stick. Works well with the Peter Staszel cello. Asking price: $1,200.

    You can see pictures of both at www.bill-lazar.com on the used instruments page.

    Hello, is the Staszel cello still for sale? If so, please email me at pylemj1@hotmail.com or call/text me at 623-308-5841. Thanks, Mark

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