• Jiovan Paolo violin info needed

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    I recently picked up an older violin, case, and two bows being thrown out. Violins aren't a topic I know much about, so this board can probably help. All
    I know is that the markings inside read: "Jiovan Paolo Magini Brescia 1715." Can anybody tell me about this instrument? How about the type of violin that this is a copy of? The back panels have pretty much separated from the sides, and the finish is badly damaged. Is it worth enough to have repaired? Anybody have an idea of what should be done?


    I am kind of in the same boat i just got the same model of violin but and trying to find the value and when it was made and stuff like that. Though my violin was in a really good condition and has probably been restored. I'll say more if i find out
    anything on the maker or the value.

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