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    I am a CNC programmer and I program CNC milling machines. I just started playing the violin but I would like to make one on the CNC mill. Are there any makers that use this method? I can create 3D computer cad models of all the parts and produce them precisely on a CNC milling machine. I would leave just enough material for finishing and tuning the top and bottom plates. I could also mill the ribs as one piece. In other words the sides, end
    blocks and corner blocks would be one unit, thus eliminating the need to
    bend the sides. I would simply mill the shape out of a block of maple. Is this method a total turn off for Violinists? I know people tend to put a lot of stock into total hand made.

    Hi Paul.

    Firstly I have made quite a number of violins using my own program.
    While writing, I modified my bouts to make for easy assembly.
    My modified bouts are produced from out of 19 to 25mm.
    By working from bottom height, bout thickness can be adjusted easily.

    Programing, and fine tuning are not the only obstacles,
    I found the next, were weight constraints.

    Just remember, you will never get a finished product from your CNC.
    But, then, who wants to spend all their time turning 85% of the timber into sawdust?
    My machine takes about 30 minutes per side to complete, I also mark Fholes with a laxer, delivered to me ready for finishing.

    With a CNC, shapes, are no longer an issue. I Have designed and cut Electric Guitar, replica, and original, do an acoustic Ukulele based on 1952 Fender.

    CNC is the way to go.
    Just takes a long time to get your programs right.


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