• Cello _case_ "Made in Switzerland by PETER WIRTH, HINWIL/ZH"

    From George Storm@21:1/5 to Dan Birchall on Fri Apr 28 17:22:26 2017
    On Sunday, September 14, 2003 at 7:41:32 AM UTC+1, Dan Birchall wrote:
    A beat-up old cello case with rusty clasps and hinges, and this label on
    it made its way into my life this week. I couldn't find anything on the
    web or Usenet about anyone by this name making instrument cases, so... a
    few questions:

    1. Does anyone know of this name?
    2. Has it (as I suspect) ceased business?
    3. Any idea how long ago the case must have been made?

    Many thanks,

    -Dan (please reply to the group; my address is OBVIOUSLY fake.)

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    Sorry this is such a late reply...
    I beleive that Peter Wirth was an individual craftsman-maker, based in Hinwil, Switzerland. I was bought one of his 'cello cases in 1975 (they were not cheap, to say the least). For its time it was very light in weight.
    The fibreglass body and hinges of the case are still in good condition, but the foam padding disintegrated when the plasticisers dried out. In other respects it was a better case than those I am currently using - I really ought to rescuscitate it.

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