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    Opening Song 'Be Brave, Be Strong'


    (On the Ocean Liner coming into Canada)

    Maria: Be Brave (Puts a cap on Kurt)

    Be Strong (Adjusts Friedrich's Tie)

    In Canada We still Sing our Song

    Be Noble

    Be True

    We've come so far

    Still much to do

    A brand new day awaits us all

    Gretl: We'll be brave and true

    Liesl: We'll still stand tall

    A brand new life is welcoming us

    Brigitta: We'll walk right in

    Marta: We won't be a fuss

    A brand new start in our lap

    For the Von Traps

    Max: And I could use a nap

    This old Von trap

    Maria: Have courage

    Be Proud

    In Canada we'll sing out loud

    Be bold

    Be Bright

    We'll face the day

    We faced the night

    A brand new life awaits us all

    Gretl: We'll be clean and smart

    Liesl: We'll be on the ball

    A brand new life is here for us

    Brigitta: We'll speak good words

    Marta: And never cuss

    A brand new start in our hearts

    For the Von Traps

    Max: Even for this tired old Sap (Indicating Captain Von Trap, who sighs)

    Captain Von Trap

    They move into their new home in Vancouver, a double storey building.

    Maria visits Vancouver monastery. She talks with the Mother Superior.

    Maria is sitting in a chair in the monastery. 'Mother Superior will see you now, Maria.'

    'Thank you,' replies Maria, and follows the sister into Mother Superior's office, the sister leaving. Maria sits down. Maria looks at the bible and then the crucifix with the rosary beeds around them on Mother Superior's desk. She looks at the chair, but
    mother superior still has her back turned to Maria on the chair. There is a cane on the desk.

    'You don't cane the nuns, do you?' asked Maria. 'That is terribly strict. I could not abide such strictness. I would complain.'

    'I was told you were a problem,' says the Mother Superior turning now in the chair. 'A problem Salzburg could not really solve in the end. Too much – free spirit.'

    'More of a Mary than a Martha, you say,' replies Maria.

    'Quite obviously,' replies mother superior, picking up her cane and standing.

    'They look like rather old rosary beads,' says Maria, making to pick them up. The Mother Superior slams down the cane in front of Maria on the table.

    'Far too much free spirit,' says Mother Superior.

    'Oh, I was only,' begins Maria.

    'Thou shalt not covet, Maria. It is the rules of the Church,' replies Mother Superior.

    'Very legal rules,' says Maria. 'I recall the old rules were done away with.'

    'The law is eternal. Alike the Gospel. But never mind. Without love law is lame, and vice versa,' replies the Mother. 'Now, what do you wish from me.'

    'A general blessing,' replies Maria. 'We've come to a new home, and the family is faithful. We want to continue our life in this new world.'

    'The Lord blesses those who obey him, Maria,' says the mother.

    'And he calls those who follow after his spirit. Such being, the children of God, mother superior.'

    The mother looks at Maria and starts her song 'The Problem with Maria'.

    'Maria, Maria. The rules we're meant to Keep. The Blessing. The Bracha. For those obedient sheep.

    Who follow the master, and do just what he says. Not blither. And blather. And dreams all in our head.

    The problem with Maria, is that she has too much – free spirit.

    The problem with Maria, is that she needs to learn – how to can it.

    (Wacks the cane down as Maria moves to get the rosary beads again.)

    Oh a problem. A problem child. Head somewhat sober. But heart is wild.

    Oh a problem. A problem kid. She'll do as she's told. But that's not what she did.

    Maria, Maria, Maria, it's obvious to me.

    That the problem of Maria is she is just, too much, free.

    Maria, Maria, Maria, you left the Monastery.

    But your heart, so wild, untamed, just had to be free.'


    'Yes, I'm afraid so.' replies Maria.

    'Taming a mountain goat. Can't be done,' says Mother superior.

    'The blessing?' asks Maria.

    Mother Superior sits, and takes Marias hands.

    'Heavenly father. You know the problem of Maria. But none of us is without fault.

    Bless her home, her family, and her free spirit in this new world she has found herself

    in. Be with her, I ask of you.'

    Maria opens her eyes. 'Thank you mother superior.' Maria leaves.

    'Like taming a mountain goat. Lord be with her,' says the Mother Superior, and sits back down.

    and so on...

    Maria Sings 'The Sound of Music' (The Second Song with the same title) up on

    the hills over Vancouver.


    Music can make you glad

    Music can make you very sad

    Music is quite a thrill

    Every note, every trill

    The Sound of music

    Well, music to my ears

    Through life's miseries

    Hearteaches and tears

    Music can make you so glad

    I love music still

    Music can make you mad

    Music can make you feel quite bad

    Darker melancholy songs

    Remind you of your bitter wrongs

    The Sound of Music

    Well, music for the sould

    Through Life's miseries

    Heartaches and tolls

    Music can make you mad

    But I love music still

    The Sound of Music

    Is right and wrong

    Every word in every song

    The Sound of Music

    Is a joy for us

    In every verse and each chorus

    The Sound of Music goes on

    Long after we're gone

    The Sound of Music goes on

    Long after we're gone

    Max: 'The Family Von Trapp Singers have done it before, so it's time to grind the axe, and come up with the new world anthem.'

    'Thank you Max,' says Maria, and gives him a funny look pushing him to the side.

    'Very well. I have many tunes,' says Maria.

    'New world anthem,' says Max, sitting down on the mountainside.

    'New World Anthem, mother,' says Gretl. 'Uncle Max is always right.'

    'Has he been telling you that?' asks Maria suspiciously.

    'Uncle Max is always right,' says Kurt.

    'Oh, you too,' says Maria. 'Very well,' she says, sighing looking at Max. 'New World Anthem it is. Let me see. What can we come up with.'

    'It's the new world,' says Liesl.

    'With a new spirit,' says Brigitta.

    'So make it new,' says Max.

    'Thank you Max,' says Maria. Maria looks around at the mountains and down at Vancouver City.

    'Well, here we go.

    Songs always begin with Do Re Me

    'Brigitta – Do Re Mi'

    'Marta – Do Re Mi'

    But some songs dare this, Me Re Do

    Me Re Do,' says Gretl

    Me Re Do,' says Liesl

    Such a new world, a new city

    New City, says Kurt

    New City, says Friedrich

    Brave new world with People on the go

    People on the go, says Liesl

    People on the go, says Gretl

    So in our new world we say

    'Everyone: LET'S GO'

    It's a busy, busy world with Far So La

    Brigitta: Far so La

    Louisa: Far so La

    So hold up, hang tight, La so Far

    Liesl: La so far

    Gretl: La So Far

    There's trucks and trains and trams and cars

    Kurt: Trams and Cars

    Friedrich: Trams and cars

    There's glitter and glory and flags and stars

    Louisa: Flags and Stars

    Brigitta: Flags and Stars

    So many stars with people on the go

    So in our new world we say

    Everyone: 'LET'S GO'

    We used to drink 'Te'

    Max: But now we make 'Do'

    It's a wonderful brave new world you know

    Max: With plenty of 'Do'

    And not enough 'Te'

    It's a brave new world for all to see

    So to make it in this new world we know

    Everyone 'Let's Go'

    Max: And we'll make plenty of do, so

    Everyone: Let's go

    I've managed to find us a new gig, says Max

    Max, I don't want to hear it, replies Captain Von Trapp. With the meagre funds we managed to bring along I've found us this new home, and Kurt and Friedrich have managed to find labour work.

    But don't you see. They know about us. They've heard about the family Von Trapp.

    I'm sure the pope in Rome has heard about the family Von Trapp. But that doesn't put food on the table, says Captain Von Trapp.

    No. But $1500 Canadian Dollars will. It's the first prize for the Vancouver New Talent Awards. I've entered in the Family Von Trapp to the competition. For a small commission of course, says Max.

    Max. You're talking fantasy. We can hardly build a new life out of being singers. It was a one off for Austria and our heritage. It's not a life we can live,' says Captain Von Trap.

    No. But the New World disagrees. This is a land of possibilities. Amazing ones. We've entered. And we can win. Think it over.' And Max places the flyer for the competition on Captain Von Trapps desk and leaves. Captain Von Trapp sighs, and gets on with
    his work, but after a moment picks up the flyer and looks at it.

    Max starts training the children to sing again. Captain Von Trapp is far from impressed.

    'You don't like the idea,' says Maria.

    'Max lives in a world of make believe. But the children like to sing. I'll let him have his fun.'

    'And the competition?' asks Maria.

    'We came to this world to start a new life. Not carry on with the old one,' replies Captain Von Trapp.

    'No, it is a new beginning of course. Of course,' she repeats.

    Captain Von Trapp looks at her. 'Of course.'

    Max looks at Captain Von Trapp, and shakes his head, but returns to instructing the children's singing.

    'I don't know how you've fooled me into this,' says Captain Von Trapp.

    They are at the competition on the first night.

    The family sings the song 'Now What Do You Think About That?'. They win and go into round two.

    There's a Royal Austrian Pussy Cat

    He sat on the throne and he got quite fat

    He got quite fat?

    He got quite fat.

    Did the pussy cat?

    Yes the pussy cat

    Now what do you think about that?

    There's a humble Austrian Cuckoo Bird

    It goes cuckoo which is quite absurd

    Does it cuck?

    Yes it cucks

    Does it coo?

    Yes it Coos

    Now what do you think about that?

    There is delicious Austrian Chocolate cake

    It makes you fat you won't be a rake

    Tasty cake?

    Tasty cake

    Not a rake?

    Not a rake

    Now what do you think about that?

    There's this fine and divine Austrian Wine

    It's sip and a nip and you won't go blind

    It's a wine?

    It's wine

    Won't go blind?

    Won't go blind

    Now what do you think about that?

    Austria, Austria

    A marvel you see

    From densest forest

    To busy city

    Austria we know

    In all its splendour

    But now we're learning

    About Canada

    And what do you think about that?

    They sing a new song in round 2 called 'The Family Von Trapp' and get into the final.


    Tinker, Tinker, Tinkerbell.

    Peter Pan we all know well.

    Dorothy is lost in Oz

    And will Alice ever get home

    Fantasia is such a land

    Splendid vision, very grand

    Disney, Warners & MGM

    Glory we all know

    Up there, the silver screen

    Up there, we live our dream

    Maybe one day, all of us

    Will be in Cinema

    But right now we do our work

    Singing songs, no we'll not shirk

    To entertain you with our mirth

    So sing Halleljuah

    Hallelujah to the stars

    From Fred Astaire to Sinatra

    From Marilyn to Bing Crosby

    Oh so cool on the scene

    Maybe bright stars we'll become

    Singing songs which make you clap

    I think we'll do the best we can

    From the family Von Trapp

    They sing another song in the final and win.

    There fame renews again.

    There is another singing even, and they sing, and start touring through Canada and the USA as the Von Trapp Family singers. 3 or 4 new songs.

    Captain Von Trapp says they are going on a holiday.

    'Where?' asks the family.

    'Why, to Austria of course.'


    Maria says 'Do you think that will be for the best? After all we went through.'

    'Nonsense. Things have changed. It will be good to see our homeland once more. Now before you start, I'm not saying we're going home for good. It's just a holiday.'

    'As you wish,' replies Maria.

    They Visit Austria, and go to a festival. Liesel runs into Rolf, and then the Intermission.

    The second part is about the romance of Liesl in finding a husband. The song 25 is sung


    Liesl: 25, 25, In Canada I've found new life

    Brigitta: But soon you'll be 26

    Marta: No more parties

    Gretl: No more tricks

    Liesl: 25, 25, A Wonderful time to be alive

    Brigitta: But 26 is at your door

    Marta: Men come suiting

    Gretl: Such a bore

    Oh why can't I stay 25

    I'd rather die than leave 25

    Maria: But 26 you'll be grown up

    Brigitta: Dinners

    Marta: Balls

    Greta: And cute teacups

    Maria: Time to move on with your life

    Brigitta: Sister

    Marta: Dear

    Greta: You'll be a wife

    Liesl: Quite frankly, with all that, I'd rather die

    So my dear sisters, for now, I'm 25

    and the song 'There's a Clock in the Corner of my room' is sung,


    There's a clock in the corner of my room

    It goes cuckoo far too soon

    I'd rather be out past 8

    But the clock cuckoos whenever I'm late

    So this is what I'm going to do

    When the clock cuckoos

    I'll tell you what I will do

    When the clock cuckoos

    I'll run right down to the promenade

    I'll drink fine wine

    Not pink lemonade

    I'll wine and dine with the proudest men

    I'll be a peach

    The finest hen

    So whenever that clock cuckooks

    That's what I'll do

    Whenever that clock cuckoos

    That's what I'll do

    and also 'Mr Von Trapp' is also sung.

    There's nothing quite like Mr Von Trap

    Beware his whistle

    Or he will snap

    He runs a tight show

    A very strict ship

    Dreadfully old fashioned

    Not quite hip

    He'll have you eating out of his lap

    Mr Von Trap

    We call him Darling



    He's our Papp

    Mr Von Trapp Runs things on time

    He watches his pennies

    He counts his dimes

    In this new world

    He's still the boss

    Fearfully bossy

    He's on top

    He'll have you pulling up your bootstraps

    Captain Von Trap




    Captain Von Trap

    But he has a softer side

    The man that I love

    He's sensitive, and full of peace

    Harmless as a dove

    I'd follow him wherever he goes

    Through Fire and Ice

    Through Rain and Snow

    My Darling

    My Father

    Our Captain

    Mr Von Trap

    Liesl finds a husband, gets married, has a child. But Rolf returns, and in a fit of jealousy hits the husband who is dazed and falls into the ocean behind the boat, but gets beaten up with the baby as well by the propellor. Liesl screams, and Captain Von
    Trapp comes to the back of the boat, and looks and says 'Rolf, what have you done?'

    Rolf replies 'I didn't, I mean, it wasn't,' and he realizes what has happened, and takes out a gun, shooting himself in the head, falling overboard into the water. Liesl screams a second time and Captain Von Trapp says 'Foolish boy.'

    Liesl hereafter is in a melancholic state at home, and nothing can cheer her up. Eventually a Christmas day comes, and Maria is beside herself with what to do. She sings 'Nativity Song'


    Sing blessed virgin

    Tell me your heart

    Liesl's heartbroken

    Her love did depart

    Tell me blessed virgin

    Why is it so?

    To give her love freely

    And take it so?

    Mary Mother of God

    What is the way?

    To reach my Liesl's heart

    Don't lead me astray

    Sing blessed Christ Child

    Tell me the truth

    Liesl's devastated

    Her heart is aloof

    Tell me blessed Jesus

    What's the reason why?

    To give her love freely

    For it only to die

    Jesus Son of our God

    What is the way?

    To reach our Liesl's heart

    Don't lead me astray

    Sing blessed Donkey

    Tell me a tale

    Of Liesl renewed

    Not weeping in your hay

    Tell me this Christmas

    What's it going to take

    For Liesl's poor heart

    To find what it takes

    To reach dear Liesels Heart

    Don't lead me astry

    God show me what to do

    This Christmas Day

    and that evening Captain Von Trapp goes in and sings 'Maple Leaf' to Liesl,


    White as Snow

    Mother Austria

    We love you so

    But we've begun

    A brand new leaf

    From Edelweiss

    to Maple Leaf


    Clean and Bright

    Every morning

    Every night

    But Canada

    Is were we meet

    From Edelweiss

    to Maple Leaf

    Red Rich courage

    We all Need

    Children of the Maple Leaf

    From Pure and white

    To Richest Red

    To Maple Leaf

    We now are wed



    In the morning you met us

    In Canada

    We start again

    A brand new road before us

    Maple Leaf

    Be our new start

    Guide us truly

    Guide our heart

    Maple Leaf

    Your our new way

    Be our guadian

    Every day

    who finally agrees to come down to dinner and they celebrate Christmas, now that the tragedy has passed.

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