• "Wer uns getraut" and "One day when we were young" Lyrics

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    Dear Everyone:

    The melody of the popular song "One day when we were young" (from the
    1938 movie "The Great Waltz" about Johann Strauss II) was taken from
    the famous duet "Wer uns getraut?" (Who tied the knot?) of the opera
    "Der Zigeunerbaron" (The Gypsy Baron).

    Was the lyrics of the song also translated from that of "Wer uns
    getraut"? What is the original German lyrics of the latter like? Could
    you also provide the original lyrics?

    A Youtube video of "Wer uns getraut" by Helen Donath and Werner Hollweg:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPG6bt1hbp0

    Thank you for reading and replying!


    The youtube is lovely. I have the original lyrics, both in German and
    in English. email me privately at
    kinggama45@aol.com and I will send them to you.


    I would appreciate it very much if you could send me the original lyrics,both in German and in English. Thanks in advanced.

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