• A Polka? - Witches of Eastwick

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    I've been trying to find a piece of music from the film 'The Witches
    of Eastwick' for the last 7 years (admittedly on and off) and have
    ended up posting this here!
    Unfortunately the piece features only briefly and is not included in the soundtrack credits. The piece is being played by Fidel (the servant) on a small white ships piano, towards the end of the movie (shortly after the demise of D Vanhorn) as the three toddlers make their way to the
    multi-screen T.V. room. The piece sounds remarkably like a Stravinsky
    Polka, but you only get to hear a small phrase. I'm going insane, if
    anyone knows what this piece is, I'll give the person all the Stravinsky
    I've bought in the last 7 years (in an attempt to find the right piece).

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    Not Confirmed but this post clainms it is called "El Vals The Curazao" by Heraclio Fernandez in 1888.

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