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    Hi Everybody,

    My mom has asked me to post a request for the words to a song that her Scottish father used to sing. She doesn't know the title but knows a few
    of the words. Here they are:

    Just a wee doch and dorris(?)
    Just a wee drop that's all,
    Just a wee wee wifey waiting . . .

    and so on. If anyone can provide the entire lyrics I (and my mom) would
    be quite grateful. Thanks for reading : }

    Elisanne MacHardy Mead

    "Land of my heart forever, Scotland the Brave" *****************************************************
    I would also like those words. I know that the tag-line is
    "If ye can say it's a bragh bright moonlight night,
    yer all right, ye can"
    In the above, "bragh bright moonlight night" is pronounced
    "bra bricht moonlicht nicht", with the "ch" sounds produced gutterally,
    as in German. The Rs are, of course, rrrrolled. The phrase is a drunk-
    test. If you can pronounce the sentence, you're not too drunk, and may
    be served another dram.
    We used to sing this, but I've forgotten the rest of the words. :-(
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    From besssettehouse@gmail.com

    I found out recently, at the end of my father’s life, that his (Dublin, Ireland) father’s favorite musician was Harry Lauder. I learned that Harry Lauder was an international sensation and in his time was as highly regarded and recognizable as
    Charlie Chaplin.

    Wee Deoch An’ Doris, A (1911)
    (w) Harry Lauder & Gerald Grafton (m) Harry Lauder (P) Sir Harry Lauder
    [Verse 1]
    There’s a good old Scottish custom
    That has stood the test o’ time.
    It’s a custom that’s been carried out in ev’ry land and clime.
    Where brother Scots foregather, it’s aye the usual thing,
    For just before they say “good nicht,”
    They fill their cups and sing:
    Just a wee deoch an’ doris, just a wee drop, that’s all.
    A wee deoch an’ doris afore ye gang awa’.
    There’s a wee wifie waitin’ in a wee but an ben.
    If ye can say, “It’s a braw, bricht moonlicht nicht,”
    Then yer a’richt, ye ken.

    [Verse 2]
    I like a man that is a man; a man that’s straight and fair.
    A sort o’ man that will and can in all things do his share.
    I like a man, a jolly man, the sort o’ man, “ye know,”
    The chap that slaps your back and says,
    “Mon Jock, before we go”: [Repeat Chorus]

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