• Bagpipe Rack

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    On Tuesday, October 16, 2001 at 10:46:50 AM UTC-4, Saffronpiper wrote:
    Matt is correct. This is a bad idea no matter what the room conditions are. It
    could get even worse if you have a gas forced air heating system. This will cause extreme dry air and that is not good for your pipes.
    Keep them in your pipe case.
    Dave S.

    Okay, I'm new to this. My son recently got his 1st bagpipe; and I'm taking chanter lessons. I do know that after playing pipes, you need to let them drain & dry out, instead of leaving them in a case to collect mold. But then of course you can put
    them back in their case. But wouldn't a case in any room, only take on the exact same air conditions as the room itself in a very short amount of time, unless it were airtight or had some kind of conditioned regulator in it? I don't know....

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