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    Brian Travers


    KPFA fm -- Ali Campbell, Ghostly Pale White Skin Anti-Rastafarian Was Heard On-Air
    Stating That He Was Disappointed That Reggae Music
    Has Too Much
    Music Devoted To 'Jah' And 'Jah Ras Tafari'.

    Pato Banton, Who Also Works With UB40, Made A
    Statement That He
    No Longer Is A "Rastafarian". Making A Totally Un-Wanted Public Statement
    Which All In Effect Ridicules Real Rastafarians --
    And Confirms His Butt Buddy
    Position With Male Kissy-Kissy Ali Campbell, The
    Above Mentioned Total
    Queer. Pato Banton Would Shortly Cut His Dreadlocks
    Off And Then Had
    The Appearance Of Homesexual.

    Regarding UB40 Albums and Lyrics:

    NOTE: There Is Not One (1) Reference To Rastafari
    Or Even The
    Tri-Colour (Green, Gold, Red) Flag Or Imagery Related To
    Rastafari / Ethiopia. More Confirmation That The Hatred
    Of Rastafari Is Quite Pronounced Amongst These Vile
    British Government (UB40) Operatives Who Have Always
    Been On The Government Payroll !

    Mirred Wholly With
    The Whole British Drunken "culture". All UB40 Band Members Are Total

    The Band U2 Was Caught Spray Painting A Bunch Of Obnoxious Crap
    All Over A San Francisco Fountain, Which Created
    Quite A Stir At The Time.

    Similarily The Parasite Carbon-Copy Rip-Off Band UB40
    Is Alleged To Have
    Done Exactly The Same Thing As Band U2 --- Where Multitude Of Spray
    Painted UB40 Graffiti Was Witness By Myself On
    Highway Overpasses
    And Structures Supporting The Overpasses In San Francisco And Other
    Places Seen Near Oakland And Of Course Berkeley California.

    The Red Red Wine Song Was Fraudulently Elevated To
    The #1 Position
    Through The Efforts Of One (1) Disc Jockey Who
    Decided To Place The
    Song In Rotation. This Years Later, After Red Red
    Wine Had Already
    Been Released And Charted. Thus This Second
    Appearance Of The
    Song Was A Complete Scam / Hoax.


    " Drinking just a small glass of wine a day can more than double
    the risk of cancer, a study claims. It says that consuming just one
    125ml glass of wine increases the chance of
    developing mouth
    and throat cancer by 168 per cent. "

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