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    Some brief notes on Midem Miami, the Latin American - Caribbean Music
    Market, and I will elaborate later, after the convention is over.
    The kick-off cocktail party at Vizcaya was a lot of fun, a good chance
    to network and catch up with old friends. Vizcaya is an ornate
    reproduction of a Venetian waterside villa, complete with extensive
    gardens. After passing through the villa, you arrived at a huge
    veranda overlooking Biscayne Bay. Down below, on a stage over the
    water, more than 20 bands from Trinidad/Tobago performed.
    Numerous food and drink stations were located all over the grounds,
    and the 8' diamater paella pan was a magnet.

    Green tea and eggs (not mixed together!) makes up like 50% of my entire diet. how are they fixed for that?


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