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    Michele: I just emailed you and it BOUNCED! Hit me at webmaster@fresnoreggae.com, djspleece@fresnoreggae.com, OR webmaster@realitysounds.com

    -Rich "DJ Spleece" Moore

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    hey spleece, hope all is well with you and yours. please email me...i
    send you something. (music, of course). i need your address because i've never saved it.

    peace, michele.

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    And where can we all hear one of YOUR personal mixes?


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    the only cd mix sounds out there worth listening to are:

    natural vibes
    unity sounds

    the rest of the hurry come up, 100 tune pon cd, non mixing, sounds
    need to give it a rest.
    not to mention all mixes are pretty much re-hashes of everyone elses mix. what also has me scratching my head is that some 'sounds' are
    just running one tune on a riddim throughout the whole mix...

    an example of what some of these sounds are doing..

    pliers - bam bam
    buju - batty rider
    ninja - murda dem

    it should be something like..

    pliers - bam bam
    nardo ranks - dem a bleach
    pliers and chaka d - shw wrote
    buju banton - baty rider
    simpleton - coca cola shape
    ninja - murda dem
    bounty - lodge
    beenie - off the air bad bwoy

    what kinda mix is that? on average a mix should have at least 2-3
    a riddim, with a few single tunes on one riddim scattered throughout..


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