• The Harder They Come

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    On Monday, July 8, 1996 at 3:00:00 PM UTC+8, Papa Lee wrote:
    I must have seen The Harder They Come about a million times but I never really paid to much attention to the credits until this past weekend. I noticed Alton Ellis credited as being Jimmy Cliff's stunt double. That couldn't be the same Alton Ellis, could it? I also saw Winston Rodney credited with being a sound engineer (Burning Spear in the crew of the
    Harder They Come?) and Robert Russell as Assistant Producer (is that
    Robert Russell the same one who became known as Brigadier Jerry?).

    Does anyone know anything about this? Did Alton Ellis, Burning Spear and Brigadier Jerry really play behind the scenes roles in The Harder They

    One Love,
    Lee O'Neill

    No, it's a different Winston Rodney not Burning Spear.

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