• Looking for Lyrics and info for Sarah by The Jolly Boys

    From Gennaro DiGiorigio@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 14 05:46:48 2023
    Hello everyone,

    Hoping to get some help. I am looking for the lyrics to and any information about the song Sarah, performed by the Jolly Boys.

    The song was recorded 3 times that I'm aware of

    1. in 1977 for Roots Of Reggae: Music From Jamaica


    2. In 1978 for The Jolly Boys at Club Caribbean


    3. They performed and were filmed performing Sarah, for the horror film The Last Picnic in 1982/1983. The film was retitled and released as Zombie Island Massacre in 1984. They went uncredited for the soundtrack listing but the music is used both in the
    full film and in the trailers for the film.

    Does anyone know if there are more recordings of the song than these 3 instances?

    Does anyone have an accurate or "official" set of lyrics for the song?

    Is the song an original of the Jolly Boys? If not where did it originate?

    Also, if anyone has information on how the Jolly Boys were brought in to be filmed for Zombie Island Massacre/The Last Picnic I'd be interested to learn more about that.

    Lastly, does anyone know the line up in the late 70's early 80's for the Jolly Boys?

    Any info would help!

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