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    On Thursday, February 5, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, RCalato wrote:
    I am always looking to trade live and unreleased reggae tapes from the 1960's to present. Looking for Wailers, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob, Burnin' Spear,
    Horace Andy, Gregory Issacs, Tenor Saw, Mutabaruka, Oku Onoura, Judy Mowatt, Barrington Levy, Jacob Miller, Big Youth, U Roy, Buju Banton, Prince Buster, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Skatellites, Hugh Mundell, Dennis Brown, King Tubbys, Scratch Perry and all early sound system tapes!
    Your list gets mine.
    I have quite a bit of this but I am converting it all to digital [about 10 TB in FLAC mostly] but cannot locate three items of Bob Marley and some other items. For Bob - Smile Jamaica SB, either Hawaii 1979 shows beyond the horrible recordings on You
    Tube either Waikiki or Lahaina Maui. Addition shows from Bob or Peter from 1976, Soundboards of Jacob Miller. The list as of a year ago is around 600 pages in Word. We are a group working on the largest reggae collection that has been put online
    stretching from Europe to Asia, North and South America, Scandi, Australia, NZ, Hawaii [that is why the Hawaii shows which would help the Hawaiians], Russia, Africa, and we are looking for a way to make this available to Jamaica on cell or web. You may
    have items we can include. We have been at this for around 15 months and the file list is only for the first 3 TB, now we are at five and I had to hire a third person [I cannot ask friends to do this mind numbing work for free]. We have another year to
    go. Then put it on the network in different spots. At that time we could use the help of tech savvy people to keep it going for 5 years by placing it on websites. Drop me an email if this sounds interesting to you. It is not a flash in the pan, it is
    a six figure project. I will soon be gone and I did not want this 45 year old collection going in the dumpster. It is not mine to sell, as Bob would say, this is for the people that need it, and not just the ones that want it. I have to put this in,
    the original recordings are not at my house but a few hundred miles away just in case anyone is shadowing this group for the wrong reasons. This is for the Rasta people. Don

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