• Phish article in the Jerusalem Report

    From rachelmollyloonin@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jul 31 17:27:53 2016
    Holy gangzoodles. I have the one and only Seth Schiesel to thank for repost his original post to this list in '93. I had long-wondered where this list migrated to, but life being busy never put in much energy.

    Lo behold my 3 and only 3 posts here remain, and to the Internet I say: many kind thanks.

    So glad to see that I documented that idea of #phishinisrael back in the day before hashtags.

    Who knows, if you will it is is no dream (tour).

    To any of you phreaks who may already be familiar with my verbosity, I assure you I will most likely not be rambling on here over and over.

    Hmmm maybe it's time to phone in to Bob Dylan's 1969 hotline and sing a ditty, or better yet get a little prickly with some cactus 212 phonage.

    So great to see this, thanks Seth!

    And if anyone wants to follow any of these antics and has no clue what I am talking about , it's documented in various areas of current social media under the name Whole Phamily.

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