• The Original Yamar - Mustangs

    From Dave Fundakowski@21:1/5 to Jiboo on Fri Oct 2 04:26:17 2020
    On Monday, August 21, 2000 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Jiboo wrote:
    Has anyone ever hear the original version of Yamar? Phish.net says it
    was by the Mustangs. I have searched Napster and never found it. If
    anyone has an mp3 of it, email me - I'd love to get ahold of that!!!
    Curious about that band...
    A mere 20 years later the same thing happen to me. I once knew the chords to Ya Mar, but had forgotten them and went to look them up again on Emil's tabs, and saw that the song was credited to the Mustangs. When I thought of it, I said oh my God does
    have a 60's feel. But I could not find a recording of it. However on YouTube there is now an audio only recording ofCyril Ferguson, original member of the Mustangs, performing the song. Worth a listen.

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